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maxi-bar bliss - Yum yum yum

Breakfast is a do it yourself thing. No having to dress to go to a dining room between allotted hours. wear nothing and eat when you like, in the privacy of your room. Your fridge will contain our tonic made muesli with all the good fruit and nut bits, orange juice, banana bread, a bread selection plus jams and butter. As well, tea and plunger coffee are provided. These supplies will be replenished daily as used.

Tonic lounge offers a selection of curries available in the freezer for those romantic nights in. Tonic lounge has a full kitchen and BBQ that you are welcome to use with full crockery etc.

Tonic is surrounded by the finest Hunter Valley restaurants, every different style and choice, the essence of life.

Ian and Janelle can make suggestions and reservations prior to your arrival so please call us if you have any questions or requests.
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